Moving Checklist and Tips

One of the most important things when moving is to manage your time wisely and plan ahead of time. This will help make moving go a lot more smoother and will save a lot more time in the process. We suggest that you start packing and labeling boxes as early as possible or save yourself the trouble and relax; let us do the packing and cleaning for you and be sure to have The Smooth Movers booked in advance.


           6 to 8 weeks before your move

  • Prepare inventory of your house
  • Plan floor layout in new home for furnishings.
  • Arrange for school transfer
  • Keep all moving related expenses for tax purposes.
  • Transfer medical and bank information to new offices and institutions.
  • Plan garage sale in two weeks to offset moving costs.
  • Clean out all closets and drawers.

            4 weeks before your move

  • Contact The Smooth Movers to schedule services.
  • Reserve a moving truck.
  • Reserve a storage unit if needed.
  • Get a change of address form from your local Post Office or fill one out online.
  • Contact utility companies to stop, start and/or transfer services.
  • Get moving boxes and supplies for packing.
  • Return all rented and borrowed items - movies, books, etc.
  • Sell or donate items – reducing time needed for packing and moving.
  • Make any minor repairs required.

            2 weeks before your move

  • Confirm rental truck, moving service and storage unit.
  • Continue packing and labeling boxes.
  • Return all videos and library books.
  • Cancel local newspaper and other regular deliveries.


            1 week before your move

  • Do walk inspection of house for any outstanding repairs.
  • Drain any items with flammable materials.
  • Pick up any dry cleaning and laundry.
  • Pack a box with essential items for your first night at your new home.
  • Clean your home as much as possible before moving helpers arrive.
  • Gather keys, alarm codes and garage door openers for new owner.